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Best Coffee Maker Types For Any Occasion

by Justin Croxton June 07, 2016

Best Coffee Maker Types For Any Occasion

Trying to choose the best coffee maker? Or could it be an issue of brand, preference, or price, acquiring the prime coffee maker could require one to make some considerations before commencing the shopping.

Despite that the typical drip coffee maker stands as a famous brewer, there exists additional considerations to make that are more fitting for a user’s specific needs. So, here are pros and cons of the various coffeemaker model.

Drip Coffee Makers 

The drip coffee maker is the standard home coffee dispenser that you may find in almost every home and is the world’s most popular. This is for some reasons, including its ease of use and its inexpensiveness. The drip model starts the coffee brewing procedure by pumping water on the hot element, and gradually drips water over a ground coffee basket.

  • Suitable for multiple coffee drinkers – Can prepare up to 12 cups of coffee in a short time. 
  • Easy to use – only add the coffee filter with the ground coffee, and then fill. 
  • Models are programmable and automatic. This enables the operator to set up the coffeemaker in advance, inputting the particular time they’d like to have the hot pot of coffee ready. 
  • Some other functions a clock for the programmable timer, Pause button, Strength adjuster to adjust coffee taste, Coffee grinder, and a Permanent coffee filter. 

Espresso Coffee Machines

espresso coffee maker

Designed to make the world’s bold coffee drink- the espresso. Was first used in the 1880’s in Italy. The espresso coffee maker technology has improved the espresso machines to fit perfectly in the home kitchens. 

  • Modern espresso makers can make a variety of ground coffee, including both light and dark roasts. 
  • Can make separate espresso shots at the same time or still make one double shot. 
  • It has an adjustable shot length, which allows the user to get the exact shot that they want. 

Most models have programmable settings.

French Press Coffee Makers

French presses were developed in 1850’s and use one of the oldest types of modern coffee making. It has amazing simplicity and hence is a favorite for making coffee connoisseurs. 

  • Simple design with a tall glass cylinder, plunger, and filter. 
  • Require no electricity and are inexpensive.

Single Cup Coffee Makers

single serve coffee maker

Single cup machines allow users to prepare a single cup of coffee without much mess or fuss. The device uses prepackaged coffee pods or cups to make a single cup of coffee. The prepackaged cup or coffee pod has grounds and a small filter, all included in the single package. The pot is created to fit into a particular machine type.  After the water is boiled and is filtered in the pot or cup, brewing can be done with a simple button push.


  • The prepackaged cup is disposable, easy to maintain and clean up. 
  • Suitable for small families as they make one cup of coffee at a time. 
  • Suitable for places such as offices due to the availability of a variety of pod flavors for different people. 
  • Have a fast and efficient process. 

Additional features include: Precision temperature control, can control coffee strength, water is filtered before brewing, allows the user to adjust the size of cup to allow for cream and milk, and has a programmable clock.

Percolator Coffee Maker

percolator coffee maker

The percolator coffee maker is a comeback of its traditional model. Despite that capacity and variety are limited in electric models, some people believe that a percolator makes a full-bodied, richer coffee in comparison to the standard drip model.
Stovetop percolators are popular for people who desire to percolate ground coffee for long, but electric percolator that has automatic setting.

Vacuum Coffee Maker 

vacuum coffee maker

Vacuum Coffee makers are rare but are common with the true coffee connoisseur. The vacuum coffee making machine model produces pure coffee that lacks any form of noticeable sediment that could be found in drip coffee. However, most coffee tasters notice that coffee made by the vacuum type is weaker in strength, mainly because the coffee is similar to a pure cup of java.

The principle in this model is to heat water in a lower container until it is forced through a narrow tube into an upper container that has ground coffee. After the bottom vessel is emptied and enough time is elapsed, the heat is removed, and the resultant vacuum draws the brewed coffee through a strainer to the bottom chamber, from where it can be decanted.

Under Counter Coffee Makers

under counter coffee maker

The machines save space and offer equally full flavored coffee. The models have a thermal pot and programmable features.
Some models allow the use to brew a cup of coffee without eradicating the whole carafe and have an underside dispensing nozzle, which allows the coffee to finish brewing as required.

Thermal Coffee Brewers

thermal coffee brewer

For users who are drinking a lot of coffee, a thermal coffee brewer offers desirable features to serve that purpose. For example, the Thermal Coffee Brewers can keep the coffee warm for an extended time without exposing the coffee to a hot plate.

The model has an easy to grip thermal carafe that allows the user to pour more cups of their fresh taking coffee. Further, the coffee will not have stewed or lost its sweet flavor.

On Demand Coffee Makers

on demand coffee maker

The on demand coffee machines are aimed to make a user’s life more convenient in their mornings, at breaks and when there are work pressures.  A user’s coffee is ready with the press of a button, is much crisper than placing it on the hot plate. 

Pour Over Coffee Makers

The Pour-Over Filters allow a user to make a cup of coffee economically without a brewer. Several types of stand-alone filters are available in the market, but there are some with fine mesh designs that do not require a paper filter. 

Moka Pot Coffee Maker

moka pot coffee maker

This model is considered a stove-top coffee maker that makes coffee by passing pressured hot water through ground coffee. It has a unique design and produces strong coffee.

In conclusion, you’ve reviewed the types of best coffee maker. You can now determine your specific needs and match them to the above features and benefits to choose the appropriate coffee maker.

Justin Croxton
Justin Croxton