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Sweet Red Wine Alternatives: Over 20 Awesome Options You'll Enjoy

by Justin Croxton June 13, 2016

Sweet Red Wine Alternatives: Over 20 Awesome Options You'll Enjoy

Ever thought that sweet red wines can be used to pair with different foods? Or perhaps looking for various quality, flavors or even the taste of sweet red wines? Could it be you are also looking for a way to give your food a delicious taste? Why don’t you make use of the premium sweet red wines?

In a market fraught with wines, you’ll agree with me that choosing the best sweet red wine to create a pair with your food can be pretty tough particularly if you are after a perfect pair flavor and taste. 

Now, If You Are Not Familiar With Wines, Don’t Fret. We Did All The Footwork For You. Here Is a Rundown of Top Amazing Sweet Red Wines And What They Can Be Paired With!

What Are Sweet Red Wines?

They are exactly what they are....sweet, but they are made in different varieties among your standard wines from merlot to port.  Sweet red wines can be categorized into a number of different genres of what we call sweet red varietals, sweet specialty wines (also known as sec, demi-sec, or off-dry) that the winemaker has made intentionally sweet, and dry wines with sweet, fruity, or jammy flavors.  Here is our list of sweet red wines we would define and list.

Voulet Sweet Red Wines

It is a wine which has pretty good aromas that are as a result of the ingredients like rose petals, soft raspberry, and juicy grapes. Voulet is refreshingly a sweet red that have low alcohol concentration. It is best when served with dinner and also lunch.

Red Rhone Blend

It is a result of a combination of three varieties of wine Grenache, Mourvedre, and Syrah. The three wines give it a red and black fruit flavors. It pairs best with meat to give a perfect taste Red Rhone Blend pairs only with meat because of its complexity thus making meat a perfect match.

Pinot Noir Red Wines

Pinot Noir does not only boast a relatively deep ruby color but also it prepares senses for great aromas that comes from berries and also make your palate have a taste of Bing cherry. Pairs well with roasted chicken, pasta dishes and stews. Want to get the real taste of pinot noir grab a bottle and enjoy the authentic flavors of berries.

Merlot Red Wines

Being an elegant red wine Merlot is a bright cranberry which has currant aromas. It gives you rich taste experience of raspberry and strawberry giving your palate a lasting feeling of these taste. Merlot pair’s best with lightly spiced dark meat it also gives a perfect taste with chicken and light meals.

Port Wine

Ever thought of having a fortified wine which you can serve as dessert ,since it has a great taste .flavors such as blackberry raspberry, cinnamon caramel, and even chocolate are available .port wine occurs in two form a red port and tawny colored port. The red port wine has a significant percentage of berry and chocolate flavors while tawny colored port wine has nut flavors. Rich cheese acts as a great pair with port wine.

Grenache Red Wines

Grenache has cherry as the main flavors that are present in here.If your desire is to enjoy a spicy, bold flavored and fruity wine, then Grenache suits you.To give a perfect taste Grenache, best pairs with chicken and okra, to leave a delicious taste on your palate.


Barbera is a sweet red wine that is well known for its deep color the flavor that is present in this wine ranges from cherries, strawberries raspberries, and plums to chive a great taste. Due it’s high acidity level. Fruit flavors can also be present here so as to give the palate of your mouth a great feeling. Barbera pairs best with foods such that are delicious such as cheese, meat or even earthy as to get the real taste of Barbera wine grab a bottle and let your palate make the conclusions about it.

Syrah Red Wine

Being slightly sweeter wine Syrah contains more healthy invigorating antioxidants. Flavors in Syrah wine ranges from blueberry to black olive thus giving your palate a great can also be blended with wines such as Grenache or even Mourvedre to make it have a higher taste. Due to its massive bodied taste, bold food creates a perfect pair with Syrah red wine. Blue cheese burger or even a barbecue will work best with Syrah by bringing out subtle nuances of the Syrah wine from other wines.

Fizz 56

Are you looking for a red wine that is not only alluring but also to a great extent irresistibly delicious fizz 56 red wine should be your solution. Fizz 56 is a sparkling red wine which very pretty due to the bright ruby red, fizz 56 have is aromatic with candied rose petals not forgetting the soft berry notes that give it a perfect aroma. Availability of amazing and tantalizing flavors of cherry, rasp and strawberries leave a great taste to your palate. It pairs best with chocolate desserts or even fresh fruits so as to give a great taste.

Barefoot Blend

The presence of juicy and wonderful flavors of raspberry and pomegranate make barefoot red wine blend to be is also a combination of different wines such a pinot noir Berbera, Grenache, and Syrah. This cocktail makes the barefoot blend have a great taste and a smooth finish. Grilled veggies and marinated steaks are the perfect pairs of barefoot red wine blend.

Sweet Red

Sweet red is not normally too formal strain of red wine. But how fresh cherries and juicy peaches are balanced will surprise have a great combination of bright, creamy not forgetting a lush flavor that gives it a perfect flavour.It is gives best result when served with grilled meat or with light cheese when it is chilled.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Are looking for a fully balanced and elegant wine cabernet sauvignon should be your solution. Grapes species makes it have a great taste it can give perfect results when combined with other wines such as merlot and cabernet to give a wonderful have a fruit flavor and best pairs with mushroom stroganoff, burger or even a mushroom pizza. Give it a try and you will discover how yummy cabernet sauvignon can be!

What To Look For On Labels For Sweet Red Wines

A number of winemakers are responding to the desire for more sweetness in red wine and have begun specially bottling sweet wines.  When seeking sweet reds, look for the following words on labels so you know exactly what level of sweetness is ideal for your pallet.

  • Sweet
  • Sec
  • Off-dry
  • Demi-sec
  • Doce
  • Dolce
  • Late harvest
  • Dessert
  • Doux
  • Dulce

Chocolate Red Wine

The latest entry into the sweet red market are red wines mixed or infused with chocolate, which is usually a winner for most people out there. We will say it does take a little time to get use to because it's not a standard to have chocolate and red wine together.  But overall, the result is a sweet, creamy, chocolaty drink reminiscent of Port. These are truly dessert beverages. Some manufacturers mix in other flavors, such as raspberry, as well. Some to try include:

  • Chocovine, a creamy combination of cocoa and red wine found in many grocery stores
  • ChocolatRouge Sweet Red Wine, combination of dark chocolate and red wine
  • Chocolate Shop Wine, specialty wines from a chocolate wine maker that comes in flavors like chocolate strawberry and chocolate mint

Dry Red Wines With A Sweetness To Them

Most dry wines that have a hint of sweetness won't give you the full-on sweet experience, but many people who don't enjoy extremely dry reds may like the following wines.

Amarone Sweet Red Wines

This Italian wine from Italy's Vento region has a slight sweetness. The wine gets its sweet edge because winemakers dry the grapes on straw mats for several months to concentrate sugars, which contributes a bittersweet raisiny flavor. Amarone is also higher in alcohol than some other red wines, with about 14 percent alcohol. While the wine has a sweet edge to it, Amarone is still considered a dry wine, and it pairs quite well with game meats.

Barbera d'Asti Sweet Red Wine

This wine from Italy's Piedmont region has a slight sweetness. It is also a light, fruity wine, making it a red wine that many find more accessible than heavier reds.


Another wine from Italy's Piedmont region, Dolcetto is an accessible, fruity wine that drinks well in its youth. The word "dolcetto" means "little sweetness." The light red has soft tannins and a wonderful fruit character. Because it is prized for its freshness, Dolcetto does not age well. It's best drunk within a year.


This German wine has wonderful acidity to balance it's slight sweetness. The wine is also low in alcohol and has a fairly light character.


Lambrusco, which comes from Italy, is similar to a light, fizzy grape juice. While it isn't as sweet as juice, it is very fruit-forward, which lends it a sweeter flavor than many of its more tannic brethren.

Beaujolais Nouveau

This is a light, fruity wine. Vintners release Beaujolais Nouveau on the same day of every year, which is the third Thursday in November. Beaujolais comes from the Beaujolais region of France and is meant to be drunk young and fresh. Because it is such a fresh wine, vintners bottle and release Beaujolais Nouveau in the same year. Beaujolais Nouveau is made from the ultra-fruity Gamay grape.

There you have it the list of sweet red wines in the market as we speak. Having in mind that it is not simple to choose a wine with a great taste and which also pairs best with your meals. You need a proper guide to choosing the best red wine. Fortunately, this list has all the best sweet red wines. Nothing should go wrong if you choose any of the sweet red wines on this list.

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