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Best Man Cave Ideas For Small Rooms & Big Rooms

by Justin Croxton June 04, 2016

Best Man Cave Ideas For Small Rooms & Big Rooms

Most "Man Cave Ideas" searches return pages of unrealistic and grand results: a vintage tractor converted into a bar. The above ideas look amazing but how would one get the staff to their home? And actually, one does not require these things to have a great man cave.

A man cave is primarily the last fortress of masculinity in a home. It allows a place that a man can be alone, engage in hobbies and watch soccer with his friends. Some psychologists claim that the married man could also use the cave to relieve marriage pressure and make the relationship stabilize. Probably, one requires just a big TV, comfortable seating, and some few fabulous accents and accessories to make the hangout fun.

A man cave is a place where we put all our favorite stuff and do whatever we like, without the intervention of any female for any design and furniture choice, and any kinds of toxic substances inside. It used to be called our life. But somewhere along the way, when we got married, it's now just another room of the house. With that idea, creativity and freedom are the base and foundation when designing a man cave.

However, having freedom sometimes creates confusion, with our minds don't know where to start. Whether you are thinking to build your first sanctuary or got bored with your old ones. Here are 40 ideas to help you design a perfect man cave.


Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

wall mount bottle opener

If there is a man cave, there must be beer. No matter if the man cave has a cooler full of ice or a dedicated beer fridge, a user will need a bottle opener for their beer. Also, Handheld bottle openers are quickly moved, misplaced or could be accidentally locked in a cabinet. However, the wall-mounted bottle opener is not only fixed for every use, but it also looks fantastic on the cave wall.

Also, the Capcatcher on the wall-mounted bottle opener quickly catches the bottle caps for ease of disposal. Finally, the user can get their bottle opener personalized, which would look cool on the wall. 

Industrial Lighting

industrial lighting

A TV would provide a significant amount of light in the man cave, but it will be imperative to get some few dim lights by the bathroom and beer fridge. Instead of taking the lamp from the living room, it will be great to get an industrial light produced from a beer bottle and pipes. Also, one can make the things more interesting by adding a vintage neon sign or some glowing sign.

Beer Bottle Clock

beer bottle clock

In the man cave, on may just state that the game will be at noon, which is quite boring. What about this, “the game starts at goodness time as indicated on the beer bottle wall clock.” That sounds more adventurous, and a user can make the clocks themselves from their favorite beer bottles!

Galvanized Steel Buckets

galvanized steel bucket

A man cave would do with galvanized steel buckets since they are affordable, easy and are a practical accessory. The bucket could be used as peanut shell buckets, snack buckets, butt buckets, and place some ice-cold beers within reach from the comfort of one’s chair. Also, one can personalize the beer bucket to make a statement of man cave master skills. 

Man Cave Games and Fun

man cave games

Man Caves are not just for watching sports on TV. They may also be used for hanging out and playing other games. For example, a user can hang dart board on the cave wall and hook themselves up with a Xbox. Also, if the cave has adequate space, he or she can acquire a Foosball table. An attractive idea would be to start by getting basketball waste baskets. Every cave user might desire to throw a burger wrapper across the cave space and score some points.

Italian Replica Globe Bar

bar globe

Adding some cool touch and some old world charm using the 16th Century globe bar. Just lift hinged lid to show the ornate interior decorated using Italian replica frescoes and the concealed liquor cabinet! The bar can easily accommodate full-sized liquor or wine bottles and glassware for eight people on its interior and an additional interior storage for an extra 12 bottles.

Personalized Man Cave Sign

This would come with your name, one line of text and a personal choice of hobby, 3D gold game, or beer mug relief. The Man Cave Sign could be personalized for your basement, media room, game room, and office featuring the bare walls and lot of guy attitude.

Big Swig Designs

The cave accessory offers a chandelier where a cave user can add bottles. Depending on its size, the chandelier can hold up to 20 bottles. Also, the beer bottles can be changed or replaced with other 12-ounce beer bottles. The Big Swig can be an attractive piece at the center of the room and act to reflect some great light in the chamber. Also, it works to balance to balance the space above the user’s head.

Comfy + Cozy Man Cave

comfy man cave

It’s now confirmed that candles and pillows are not simply for women. It would help to add some soft touches in the industrial and rustic design. For example, it would be great to add some Brown Sugar or Bourbon candle that can double as glass after the candle is burnt. The tweed pillows are critical to offering to conform and presenting the masculine style. It is crucial to note that the small color pops may make a significant difference.

Wooden Storage Spaces and Tables

wooden storage spaces

It would be essential to add some natural element in the man cave such as wood in its design. For instance, a wooden trunk can be a suitable alternative from the regular ole coffee table. In addition to being a rustic and unique piece in your cave, it can also act as a storage space. It is clear that every man would love some functionality in his decor. The rustic wooden tables can offer storage spaces for the man’s needs in the man cave.

Leather Furniture Pieces

leather soda man cave

Not only does the cave require rustic pieces, but it also needs antique, leather furniture. It needs to be the first thing to consider in the man cave. The leather furniture should be durable, highly comfortable and able to add some character to space. Also, the smell of leather would be a nice move in the man cave.

Pick A Theme and Go All Out

man cave themes

The thing about man cave is to do whatever you want, without the wife's or girlfriend(s?)' intervention. So do as you please. Pick a theme you like, whether it's recreating a scenery of your favourite movie or comic books, the bar of your dreams, steampunk, cyberpunk, anything punk, replicate your favourite sports field, whatever you want. And go all out with your theme, fill the room with all the accessories, decor, or custom made materials you can find related to the theme.

A Secret Man Cave Entrance

secret man cave entrance

A man cave without a secret door is boring, and nobody likes boring. The awesome rotating bookshelf or secret wall panels will never get old, but you can always be creative with your secret entrance ideas. Incorporate designs and ideas from your favorite movies, comic books, or anything you want. People has built a bat-cave themed secret door with fingerprint scanner hidden in an antique clock before, and even a guy has pulled off doing the 'doors of Durin' illuminated door from the infamous Lord of The Rings. What's your secret door going to be?

Neon Man Cave Signs

neon man cave sign

If your man cave is modern-themed, a neon sign will be a perfect match. Whether it's a sign that proclaims "you are now entering a man cave" or bar signs for your favorite beverage.

Wooden Signs For Your Man Cave

wood sign man cave

If you are more vintage themed, wood signs are for you. You can do custom wood signs and write anything you want here. You can also combine wood signs with neon signs for Bar-themed man cave.

Man Cave Rules

man cave rules

Ever watched Fight Club before? Of course, you have. Remember that "the first rule of fight club" scene? Of course, you do. Pay homage to our favorite manliness movie with your own man cave rule. Put it on your custom wooden signs or neon signs or custom printed posters to brag to your guests.

Star Wars Related Decors

star wars decor

Your man-cave can be any theme, but it's never complete without your Star Wars memorabilia collections. Whether it's a lightsaber lamp, Darth Vader refrigerator, Stormtrooper statue, or even Star Wars animal taxidermy. Impress your inner boy and your guest with your collection.

Unique Bar Stools

wood bar stools

A unique bar stool will set your man cave apart from your friends'. Remember, aside from being cool looking, the bar stool needs to be also comfortable. You can have a design that matches your theme or be completely creative with it. But bottom line, make it as unique and comfortable as you'd like your favourite bar to have.


Man Cave Chairs and Sofas

With the chairs and sofas may end up being the most used item in the room, choose wisely. Make sure it's comfortable, nothing will satisfy you more than a sneak into your man cave couch after long days of work. You can be creative with the design, remember, your wife has no say in this one.

Or, If you have more room, you can have...

Giant Man Cave Couch

What's better than staying on the couch after long days of work? It's staying on the GIANT couch after long days of work. You can combine and modify several sofa to get this effect, or get a complete custom made one. You won't regret it!

The Bar

Ever get that feeling about something's always missing from the bars you frequent? We all do. Remember, this time, you get to design your own, so do whatever you want and get the bar of your dream. You can make it a classic bar, an over the top and flashy bar, or even a high-end luxurious bar you always crave of.

A Kegerator

No man cave's bar is complete without its beer dispensing device. The simplest but quite an expensive one is to purchase a kegerator.
Or..12. DIY KegeratorIf you feel like a DIY guy, you can make your kegerator by modifying your refrigerator. You can get the full guide on

More cool alternative:

Jack and Coke Dispenser

Fill your water gallons with Jack Daniels and Coke, or your other favorite beverage. Now you have a liquor only dispenser.

Pool Table

Yes, you might not have space for one. And yes, it's not for everyone. But if you do need to have one, you can be creative with your pool table design. There is a pool table that's also a literal pool, with water underneath, there is a pool table that is an ice sculpture (for your sub-zero themed man cave), and there is a pool table that's also a stereo, tv, and beer cooler all in one. Be creative and build what you want.

Table Tennis

For those that love the sport. Again, you can be creative with this one.

Dart Boards

You can get the classic one with many variations of design you may like. Or if you got the budget, or your man cave is modern themed, you may get the new electronic ones.

Pinball Machines

Remember that first pinball you played in that bar you frequent on your younger days? Chances are, it's being sold somewhere on the internet. It's not only a gaming need, it's an essential decoration piece for you man cave.

Foos Ball

Available in many designs, even more sophisticated, electronic ones. You can also be creative and use one of the handles as a coat hanger.

Air Hockey Table

Also available with wide selections and price range. Get the one that fits your overall design and with the functions you like.

Beer Pong Table

If you already got your table tennis, you can use it for beer pong too. Otherwise, you can buy a dedicated table for beer pong,.There's even an inflatable one if you need to save space.

Poker/Card Table

For poker fans and players. Get an authentic poker or other card game table. On a poker night out, you may even hire yourself a real dealer. You might not get those Vegas or Atlantic City hall pass anymore, but you can still get the heat in your man cave.

More gaming needs for your man cave:

More than 5 Computer Screens

If you are a video gaming junkie, nothing is a better brag to your friends than the setup of your Gaming PC. Use a minimum of 5 computer screens.

and of course...

High-end Gaming PC

Depending on your taste, you can use massive tower casing with illuminated lights, or classic sophisticated ones.Don't forget the high end mice and keyboards too. It's your cave, you deserved it.

Arcade Games

Nothing is more beautiful to a video gamer than a collection of classic arcade boards. You can also house your gaming console inside and build your own board, complete with high-grade arcade sticks, especially for you fighting games fan.

A nice home theater

For your console gaming, movie viewing, or audiophile needs. Available for wide range of price and selections, you can get the newer ultra high definition TVs and the most sophisticated surround sound system if you have the budget.

But it's not complete without...

A Movie PitCreate a cavity on the floor, complete with custom-made bed and pillows for your movie viewing or video gaming needs. You can install the sound speakers on the surrounding edges too.


Sofas With Built-In Speakers

Although very expensive. and over-the-top. This is a nice exclusivity to have in your home theater man cave.

Recliner Sofa with Massage Feature

Get a recliner with massage, heat, and vibrations feature. Hell, get the one with at least 8 features in it, you deserved it. Nothing will relax you more than this. Be advised, though, the wife might ask you for another one.

Infinity Mirrors

Create your own Infinity mirror to bring extra sci-fi feel to your man cave. Contrary to popular opinion, it is fairly easy to make. Full guide can be found here


Get a Hammock

If you got the space to hang one, a hammock will be a nice addition for your man cave.

Or a Bean BagIf there are no hanging space, a bean bag will be a nicer alternative to the hammock. Get a big one that suits your body size. You can also get a few smaller one and mix the insides with a big one, but be careful, it might be a messy process.

Or a Hybrid of Both Hang the bean bag in the same manner as hammocks, creating a hybrid of both. I promise you, you'll get addicted to its comfort.

Wine Cellar

If you got the budget, consider building your own cellar. It's also a good way to start your wine collection. You can either go classic with wooden crates, or more sophisticated designs.

Lamp Fixtures

Ofter overlooked, lamp fixtures designs and choices might make or break an otherwise great man cave design. You can be creative on this, using beer or liquor bottle as lamp housings, etc. Choose one that fits the overall feel of the room, while adding an extra dimension to your design.

Candles For Your Man Cave

Although more often used by women, nice choices of candles will be a good addition. There are a lot of candles with manly design, i.e. tennis ball shaped candle. And remember, you can always make custom ones. You might need the help from the wife on this one.

Furnitures Made From Beer or Wine Barrel

If you have a dog, a wine barrel can act as a custom made shed. You can also make a bed, couch, or other types of furniture out of a beer barrel. We all love the aged oak smell!

A Cool RestroomAfter we're done with the main room and the play room, we need to have a functioning, clean, and well-designed toilet and maybe bathroom. You can have a similar design with the overall room, or make it distinctly different to create an accent. A variety of uniquely shaped toilet seats can be found, including those with medieval throne design, and more modern sci-fi design. Get the one that suits your need.

Stack of Bacons, and Food in General

We've discussed the interior, designs, signs, furniture, and liquors. But don't forget to have your stack of bacon, snacks, and comfort foods for you and your guest's needs. Hint: It might also help on a lover's quarrell, where you need a prolonged retreat to your cave.

A Literal Cave

Yes, we know we've suggested picking a theme on the very first point of this article. But, a literal cave design will work for almost any theme. Secondly, a cave design will set the room apart further from the rest of the house, creating a better feel of a sanctuary. If you got the budget and big enough space, consider this one.

Ask Yourself, Do You Need an Interior Designer? Wait for a second on this one. We all know it's our own man cave, it's supposed to have all our ideas and creativity. Why should we sell out to an interior designer? Because simply, they might execute your ideas better than you. Admit it and calm our manly ego for a bit, not everyone has a knack for interior design or even design itself.

Remember, the designer will not be your wife. They will design based on our ideas and preferences, preserving the freedom you need. In fact, many of the best man caves are the works of famous interior designers. Put this one as your last consideration, after you got all your idea mapped out.

Justin Croxton
Justin Croxton