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We believe in supporting special groups of people who make this world sing.  For you, we want to offer a special discount to you.

Students - Whether you are a college student (over the age of 21), a grad student, or even someone studying for a PhD or MD, we have a special discount just for you.  Just email our support team, tell us what products you want, provide proof that you're a student and we'll provide you with a special code for checkout.

Teachers - The countless sacrifices you make to educate the world, we felt it was relevant and critical we offer you something similar to students.  To be clear, we're referring to teachers in both public and private school systems around the country.

Non Profits - Charitable organization employees.  All you need to do is name your charity that you're with and we got you covered.  We'll simply play the honor code system...;-)

Veterans & Military Service - You serve our country and have made some of the biggest sacrifices we could only imagine.  We particularly ask you contact our team and we'll have something in particular for you.

Contact us at

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