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Wall Mounted Bottle Opener (Gun Black): Beer Or Soda Bottle Openers


BEAUTIFUL YET DURABLE DESIGN - All necessary wall mount bottle opener mounting screws included. Mount the opener with the accompanying high grade 2" screws to any flat surface where you want to have it installed. We recommend a wooden surface but it can also be mounted on a concrete surface with ease.

SOLID AND SHINY NICKEL ALLOY FINISH - Casted iron carefully hand polished piece by piece before nickel plated for a perfect shiny finish.

COMPACT AND FUNCTIONAL "EASY-TO-USE" - Just like on the old Coke machines these openers are ready for heavy duty. They are simple yet probably the best openers in the world for opening bottles in thousands. Try and you will see.

OPENS MOST BEER BOTTLES & THEN SOME - Simply put the bottle with its cap in the opening and give it a slight push in a downward movement and voila the cap is off!

COMES WITH 2 SCREWS - Versatile and can be added to any home & restaurant bar.  The best vale of any beer bottle opener on the market.

Host In Style With Our Premium Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Opener (Gun Black)

Why opener bottle the old fashioned why trying to always locate your bottle opener, when you can mount it to your surface and serve as a great design piece to your home bar and kitchen. The Bar Brat Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Opener does just that.

Primary Features

- Opens majority of beer bottles
- Beautiful nickel alloy finish
- Comes with two screws to mount on penetrable services
- Serves as a great accent piece
- Is sturdy and strong enough to open thousands of bottles
- Lifetime money back guarantee

Primary Benefits

- Never search for your beer bottle opener again
- Take people back to when they opened up bottle in Coca-Cola dispenser machines
- Will certainly be the talk of the party
- Takes less than 5 minutes to assemble with phillips screw driver

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